Summer Thyme Co is a small business with big dreams based in Melbourne, VIC. The founder (and currently the only employee) is Aga - a well-travelled Polish Aussie who is obsessed with vibrant colours and even more vibrant flavours. 

If Aga had to pick two of her favourite things in the world it would be travelling and tasting new foods & drinks. There are more notes on her phone about flavour combinations discovered in various corners of the world than she'd be able to count.

That's how the idea of creating Summer Thyme Co. came about - while drinking fancy G&Ts in Spain and making yet another note about the flavours.

Aga would love to help bring interesting flavours of the world to you - whether it's your bar or kitchen. So get tasting!

There's more coming to the shop in the near future but for now check out the first mix - our small-batch Purple G&T Botanicals.